Summer 2015 Update

July 1, 2015


Swingin’ n Singin’ for Cures, 2015 was a huge success! We raised approximately $23,000 for Drs. Will Decker and Ratan Bhardwaj’s research and ultimately FDA clinical trials for children with brain tumors. 

Please click here for TSCR's Executive Summary by Dr. Will Decker.

We had an all time high of 111 golfers! Great home cooked BBQ was smoked with love (Bret Baker, Johnny Madrid and The Boyett Family), with sides provided by our friends at Cover 3 and the ol’ Pro, Randy Petri!

The Texas Players with special guest, Steve McMichael began the Singin’ part of the event. They were followed by our dear friends, The Patricia Vonne Trio, featuring Bobby LaRoche and David Perales. And last but not least, Malford Milligan and Jen Leigh! They all rocked!!!

As always, we are so fortunate to have wonderful family, friends, golfers and sponsors who donate their time and efforts to TSCR’s continued efforts to improve people’s lives through stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Will and Ratan met at a TSCR symposium at the University of Texas in 2011 and thus began a merging of the minds. This meeting confirmed our original instincts that the best way to move forward in this arena was to create an environment where collaborative effort is made easier among the leading researchers in regenerative medicine.

Our Medical Advisory Committee members have emphasized the need to share the findings of their research and the need to collaborate. To paraphrase Drs. Doris Taylor and Mary Pat Moyer, "Collaborative Transparency” will expedite research and help create therapies sooner for those suffering from disease.


TSCR added language to HB 177, a comprehensive stem cell bill. This bill creates a stem cell coordinating board and consortium for the institutions in Texas conducting FDA approved clinical trials. Specifically, we added language that insures all stem cell clinical trials in Texas follow FDA approved stem cell guidelines and meet the Good Manufacturing Practices of the FDA. We also added language that places a member of a patient advocacy group (Hopefully someone from TSCR) on the coordinating board.

The members of the newly created stem cell coordinating board will draft the rules, create policy and provide direction for the future of regenerative medicine, stem cell research and therapies in Texas.

The Texas Stem Cell Coordinating Board will consist of seven members. Three will be chosen by the Governor, two by the Lt. Governor, and two by the Speaker of the House. It is our desire to assist our state leaders in placing the most qualified researchers, doctors and scientists on this board. Senator Kirk Watson, Texas's leading member in the legislature on this issue and a supporter of TSCR for years, added an amendment on the Senate floor which requires Senate confirmation of the Governor's appointees to the Board. This is important because it provides oversight of the Board and allows a careful examination of the qualifications of the appointees by the Governor.

TSCR's Medical Advisory Committee provided invaluable advice and expertise this session to protect the over 1.7 million Texans living with a chronic disease or terminal illness. Special thanks also to Will Decker, Mary Pat Moyer, Mario Salinas, Keri Kimler, Alex Fuller, Sean Morrison, Lee Leatherwood, Charles Schotz, Susan Longley, and many others.

Today we celebrate the tireless efforts each and every one of you has contributed to this cause.

So, we all should smile, because STEM CELL RESEARCH and REGENERATIVE MEDICINE in TEXAS are moving faster with all of your help!

I have never been happier to be a part of something so important with so many special people.

Thanks to all of you, we are making a huge difference,
Eventhough Swingin’ n Singin' for Cures, 2015 is over, we are still accepting donations in our quest for a Phase I clinical trial for 10 children with brain tumors. Just hit the yellow Donate button on the home page and we’ll get closer to our goals!


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Texans for Stem Cell Research
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