Regenerative medicine is the future of healthcare. We are in a time of big pharma and politics, along with the different countries and governments really trying to figure out their place when it comes to the future of healthcare.

many scientist, physicians and doctors believe that hundreds of of conditions could be helped, fixed,repaired….with things like exosomes, wharton’s jelly and peptides. Along with a host of other things that are stuck behind bureaucracy, politics and governmental red tape.

Doctors are sworn to take care of their patient, and many to them believe that is there calling to do just that. Even if the local government or political environment does not support or approve…the believe is DO NO HARM and if not giving, is more harmful than giving it is their professional responsibility to treat their patient.

So many of lawyers, politicians and deep pockets are working against many of the newly found treatment options.

We have put together a list of educators, scientists, and providers who are willing to do whats right for the patient.

We will also have banking options, training events and regenerative medicine conferences.

Globally there are hundreds of thought leaders in the regenerative medicine space leading the charge and many joining the movement to replace the current big-pharma ran and controlled healthcare system.